Oberon High School Pathways

Year 10 Program

Year 10 Program

Access materials from the Year 10 Subject Selection Program


Not sure of what your interests are?

Try identifying your hobbies, interests and work styles.

My Big Tomorrow


I'm interested in a trade and want to know what pathways are available to me.

Apprenticeship Pathways


Thinking about continuing studying after Year 12 but not sure what areas to study in?

Identify your interests, favourite subjects and see what courses fit into your match

Explore Deakin


Do you have a particular course of study you are really focused on? Maybe it's Engineering or Physiotherapy?

Look up courses and pre-requisites here



Want to find out more about growth areas and wages.

This is a really comprehensive site that can help you build up a career profile and more!



Want to see some pathways in action?


Want to work in....

A great selection of video clips